Does this mean she's still interested in me? Need people's opinions please!?

This girl broke it off with me back at the end of May because she said we were rushing into something too quickly than she was comfortable with right now cause she's just getting out of a 4 1/2 year relationship. She said she needed her space and time to work on herself. So every couple weeks me or her will text each other just talking and checking up on each other. Two weeks ago she text me saying how much she missed me and how she'd been thinking about me this whole time we've been away from each other. So I threw the idea out there if she'd like to start hanging out and talking again and she said she'd like that a lot. So we made plans to do something that weekend. Three days later she text me saying she couldn't go, that she had to be honest with me that she'd been talking to her asshole ex boyfriend on and off again. That made me so mad and I told her how I felt. She said she's confused and doesn't know what she wants. That she's praying that she gets led in the right direction. She needs a couple months to get her head straight. So two or three days ago she text me out of no where saying she walked in her house and her family was watching the movie I took her to see on our first date and it made her think of me. Which was the best romantic date ever! Then she said she saw a shooting star the other day and it made her think of me too cause she saw her first shooting star that night too. We talked a little while til she stopped texting me. The next morning I woke up to a text from her saying she's sorry she fell asleep on me and that she hoped I had a great day :) is she tstill. interested in me by her texting me telling me that? It seems like she is interested in me by that happening. What do you guys think?


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  • Well she said she was praying to be led in the right direction. Then she tells you about the movie and the shooting star. Sounds to me like she found her signs. So yes, I'd say she is interested.


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  • I think she's confused. I just went through a similar situation. Current boyfriend wonr commit to anything but Im crazy about him. A friend is crazy about me which makes me wonder if thats the better option for me. So I let him talk to me but as crazy as it is he is too available and doesn't make me feel the same as my boyfriend. So if you like her move on!!! Be polite and friendly but tell her that you respect yourself too much to play like this with her. Tell her you like her a lot and if she's ever 100% available that you would like to hear from her. If she's leaning your way then this should do it. If not then you were never going to get her anyway. You are just a soft place for her to land when her boyfriend is a jerk. I told my friend no more text or calls because its the right thing for everyone. But being a woman I can tell you that keeping a guy in the background as a soft place to land is tempting. Dont let her make you her soft place to land. Insist on a full relationship with someone who is available or nothing at all. Trust me its your only chance if you ever had one to begin with.

    • But I really like her alot. I just feel like she's the one. I've never felt this way about any girl. I don't text her or call her at all she's the one been texting me telling me stuff. If she wants me back she'll have to work at it cause like you said about being a soft spot, I'm done being it. So is she interested in me?

    • She may be interested but trust me your her back up option now not #1. Move on but be nice show interest in others while still being polite to her and if she likes you then your giving her a reason to move you into the #1 spot. If she's thinks you may not always be around to fall back on then if she is interested then she will move you into relationship status. If she doesn't move you into that then she was never going to anyway.

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