I don't know to tell him how I feel! Help?

I just started to date this guy. He is very sweet. He is constantly saying that he misses me and that he wants to see and that he really likes me. He isn't that type of guy who is always saying those things, but he knows when and how to say that. However, I do like him a lot, I miss him a lot, and there are a lot of things he make me feel but for some reason it's so hard to put them in words and I feel he doesn't realize how much he means to me. Sometimes I do things, like send him images from Tumblr, or quotes, but I feel like it's not the same because they're not coming from me directly, what can I do?


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  • tell him you like him or compliment some aspect of his personality


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  • Being you just Started 'To date this guy,' sweetie, I feel you are Off----To a Great start. You have him where he 'Misses the kisses' and that he is Into you Big time. And without any help from you, Any pressure at all, he says-----When And how to say that. It's like he has the Upper hand, feeling like he can do this, and being he 'Isn't that type of guy who is always saying those things,' You have made it so much Easier by-----Not saying anything right now... And with This, no signs of him right now growing Cold duck feet and wandering quickly back into the murky mottle brain waters...
    Take some more time before spilling your heart out. Let him Continue his flow with feeling for awhile longer. He finds this a challenge, a bit of a chase and when it's time for you Both to beat as One, believe me, you will Know...
    I have found that sometimes when things are new by nature in a 'Date' Diagnosis, if IT get too too speedy, moves too fast with not only actions but words as well, it sometimes goes not too sweet, But-----sour. I have had girls frantically ask: "Things were going so great, he was so Into me, now I don't understand him... What did I do?"
    You're doing just dandy with your etched in stone 'Images,' and I imagine he finds them flattering, but patience is golden if you want everything to go down just right, and with an easy flow with joe, for I see you are playing your card correctly, the waters will rise with the most wonderful waves ever...
    Good luck, good work. xx

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