Regular dude with an athlete girl?

Does a normal (in shape) guy have a shot with an athlete/sports star girl? Who, may I note, is a knockout. Just kinda a hypothetical question. Ya know.

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  • Yeah definelty if you have the right personality its easy but as an athlete it'd be much easier as you'd both have similar lifestlyes.


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  • Ask her about whatever sport she's in and you're already golden. Chances are she'll talk about it like nuts and you've already broken the ice.

  • Yeah you may have a shot go for it. ( Coming from a guy that went out with an athlete girl) (But I'm an athlete too)

    • Cool. What sport did each of you play. If you don't mind me asking.

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    • yes but might want to step it up a bit with running id say join a track team or something but if she likes you already then you don't have to be an athlete just for her to be into you. Just ask her to a date or something and see where it goes from there. Just don't get lazy its a turn off (in my opnion it is)

    • Yeah. True. I think go for a run right now. I'm on here too much.

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