Should I keep trying to get this girl to go out with me or should I just give up?

So I've been hanging out with this girl and I really like her but I feel like I'm the only one putting in any effort to get together with her. She never texts me first, every time we've hung out is because I've asked her if she wanted to, and I feel like I'm the only one trying to get to know her. So as posted above, should I keep trying?


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  • Definitely keep trying. If a girl isn't interested, she won't hang out with you. It's very simple. As far as you being the first to text and ask a guy out, many girls feel that this is the way it should be in the beginning stages. It's classier for the guy to do the pursuing because there is such a thin line for how much is too much when it comes to the girl contacting the guy. If you like her, keep doing what you're doing. She wouldn't be hanging out with you if she didn't like you.

    Also, if you guys get more serious, where you've hung out a bunch and are getting comfortable, she'll definitely start calling/texting you first and asking you to hang out. It's just the beginning stage and lots of girls are taught to not chase guys.


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  • I would, personally I even if I was really into a guy I'm not bold andwould never ask him to hang out but I might text him first. A lot of times if I'm really into a guy I act distant and tease him (like say mean jokes) to prove that I don't like him. I don't know why I do this I think it is a defense mechanism so that I don't feel vulernable. I think other girls must do it too. I was taught that if a guy is into you HE will ask to hang out and take the initiative and even if I am tempted DO NOT CALL HIM becauae it makes you seem desperate the boy should ask you. So maybe she was raised the same way that I was. If I were you I would be upfront and try to tell her how you feel and maybe ask her to be your girlfriend and that way you would know for sure instead of going back and forth because if you don' t ask you'll never know. I think you would rather know for sure that there is no hope than give up but the choice is yours. I hope this helps : )


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  • My rule-of-thumb is to ask a girl out 2 times, and 2 times only. If she's interested, she'll make time for you. Period.

    If she's not making much of an effort to contact you, or get to know you, I think she's a waste of your time.

    Some girls like the flattery and attention of guys being interested in them, but never give you the same attention. It's messed up. They'll give you a few little crumbs occasionally, to keep you interested. But girls like that are being manipulative and cruel.

    So avoid getting into the habit of chasing girls who don't give you their time or respect. Ask 'em out twice, and only twice. If they don't make time for you, too bad: it's their loss. Move on and find a girl who'll show you some respect.

  • I would ask her to be your girlfriend before you give up.

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