How do I know if I miss a girl or if I'm romanticizing my feelings for her?

How do I know if I really miss or girl or if it's something else (nostalgia, wanting what I can't have, etc)? I went out with a girl two months ago. We had been friends for a couple weeks prior and when we finally went out she had a great time, or at least she said so. In addition to actually saying she had a great time at the end of the date, she also mentioned that her best friend couldn't wait to meet me, that she wanted to have me over to meet her parents, mentioned possible future date ideas, stuff like that.

Suddenly she ended things and didn't really say why, she just said that she wants to be friends and get to know me better in a group setting first.

I do know that I don't miss her because I'm lonely or anything like that. I don't have any trouble at all finding social company. I've been on a couple casual dates and enjoyed them, as well as many group events.

I really feel a desire to get to know this girl more. I feel like she is different and stands out from the other girls I've gotten to know. Am I being naive and romanticizing my feelings for her, or is it possible that I really do like her a lot more than I do the other girls I met?

It's been about 3 weeks since I last communicated with her. She texted me once a week ago saying hello and hoped I was doing well, but I didn't respond because I didn't understand what she wanted and didn't know what to say.

Any ideas on what I should do? Should I talk to her next time I see her? I've met her friends once, but we don't really share the same social circle. I do want to be her friend, but I also want to be more than just friends, so I feel like it would be disingenuous to pretend otherwise. It would be pretty obvious what was going on if I started socializing with her friends. Maybe that would make text, email, or Facebook the better option? Should I just try and make small talk and she if she responds?

Any advice is appreciated!


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  • thats strange why she ended things may be something came up its personal with her family or she got cold feet, so yea give it one more shot contact her ask her whatsup how she's doing see her reaction if she kinda brushes it off then move on forget her


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  • It sounds like you miss her and I think you should contact her


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