What do guys look for in girls?

For example which girl would you rather pick:

Girl #1
- pretty face
- skinny
- no boobs but round butt (small though)
-can't have a convo with without being fake
- experienced
Girl #2
- an alright-pretty face
- big boobs and ass
- smart
- funny, outgoing
- athletic
- real.
- less experienced

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  • Girl # 2
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Both girls are skinny.

Girl 1 is stick (has muscle) but plays sports and is good at them. She plays all year round.

Girl 2 has more muscle, very little fat.
To give example she goes to nationals every year for track and is good at volleyball
They are also the same height.

Girl nunber 1: weighs about 105
-size 34A boobs
Girl number 2: weighs about 115
- size 34C or D


Most Helpful Guy

  • Girl 1:
    Pros: Pretty
    Cons: annoying, can't have a convo with without being fake, experienced
    Girl 2:
    Pros: an alright-pretty face, smart, funny, real, less experienced
    Cons: Big butt

    So definitely girl 2

    • You think less experienced is a pro?

    • Yeah definitely, I'm not very experienced and I'd prefer if she had even less

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  • I like girls who don't take things seriously and can make fun of herself, i find this very attractive and it makes it seem like i can enjoy having fun with her.
    Girls who are generous and kind are a plus, when talking to people acting friendly is a must.
    Some guys like girls who are clingy and always want their attention.
    Intelligent in matters of able to at least spell and have good grammar work, so basically they should at least know about basic history and not make idiotic comments.

    Physical Features:
    At least have have decent sized breasts, as long as it is not flat while the girl is lying down on her back.
    Nice Legs, i love when girls have nice legs and show it off by wearing high heels, that's a killer for me *gasps*
    Dresses in a classy manner, not sloppy or anything.
    Preferred if the girl doesn't wear a tonne of make-up, because to be honest make-up is so deceiving to us men.
    Have the 2 curves is a must, the ass and the breasts but too big or not too flat or anything.

  • What a crappy list.

    Here's mine:


    All the others are bonuses.

    • couldn't agree more on this opinion, they got to be some what literate and understand basic things about life, history, geography etc.
      Sexy yes

  • You made girl two have the better personality. Girl two. Both sound attractive, I like fit girls so both sound physically attractive, 2 seems more my type however it seems very agaist girl one. I mean who would pick her? Annoying? Fake? You put no good attributes personality wise and 2 has all the good.

  • How fat is girl 2?

    • Not fat at all.
      She her whole family is known for ass and tits lol. She goes to nationals for track every year.

    • I will go with B.

      Both sound physically good though A might be better but personality would carry it.

      Of course we might be incompatible instantly.

      You haven't said anything about what they are looking for in a relationship.

  • Pretty face, skinnyness, and experience of girl 1. The rest, girl 2 :)

  • Eh.. It really depends on each girl. I don't really like it when they can't hold a conversation or have to have a fake one.

  • Both sound good, but what kind of body does Girl 2 have? Big boobs and butt can also mean fat, so depending on her body type it may be good or bad.

    • Girl 2 is still skinny. She is very athletic and very lite fat. Just girl 1 a stick.

  • A combination of the two. Skinny almost no tits. Firm ass. Or better yet both at same time.

  • "can't have a convo with without being fake" was all I needed to know to say I'd rather Girl 2.

  • I picked B though being skinny and sexy doesn't mean she's annoying, very stereotypical

    • Her personality is very loud hyper in a kiddish way, but can be cool at times

  • "Real" outweighs every other characteristic.

  • None of the above. It all depends on the girl.

  • It's all so clear now: skinny girls with a pretty face can't be smart, outgoing, and "real."

    I went with Girl #1, because for Girl #2 you forgot to add: bitter, jealous, judgmental, and self-entitled,

    • This is a survey about me two girl friends that like my best guy friend and he likes both of them. I just wanted to see what would be the best. Lol

  • how are her standards , is she willing to date ugly guys?

  • Is girl 2 kind of chunky? How tall is she and how much does she weigh?

    • Hahahaha I love how all the guys answers here have more questions to ask. There is some crucial information missing.

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    • Girl number 1 and 2 are the same height.
      Both athletic.
      Number 2 is not chunky at all she is a track runner and goes to nationals every year lol. But number 1 is athletic too, she plays sports but doesn't excel as much but is good.

    • That sounds pretty good! And how big are the boobs on this girl?

What Girls Said 4

  • Hmmm... I wonder which one the QA is.

  • I'd go with girl #2. Her character seems better and experience isn't everything. I think teaching people new things can be fun

  • Of course girl two she's sounds like natural beauty to me

  • Gonna assume the QA isn't calling herself annoying lol, so obviously she's Girl #2. Unless the guy is a total douche and only interested in sex (in which case, why do you wanna be with him anyway?), he's gonna go with Girl #2.

    I'm bi, and brainless n skinny with a nice butt sounds good for a random hookup, but that's about it lol. Don't worry so much about comparing yourself to your friends or other girls you know, hun! Just know that you're awesome and any guy would be lucky to have you!