Can't decide what I want?

So I'm caught between three guys and would like some advice on which one I should stick with.

Guy 1: he's sweet, skinny, tan and French but he also speaks English. He's slightly taller than me (5'7) but is a year younger than me so he's in his last year of high school while I'm going on to college. I haven't known him long but he says he really wants a commitment and I don't know if I'm ready for that plus he's sort of religious

Guy 2: we dated in grade 7 he's abit chubby but really fun to be around we started hanging out more in our last year of high school. he has a bit of baggage but who doesn't but I'm not too sure that I could see him as more than a friend.

Guy 3: He's 5'10 white and skinny. he has an amazing smile and is going to the same college as me next year. He's easy to talk to and there's definitely a physical attraction between us. I feel like once I get to know him better I could really fall for him but the down side is he has a history with this girl I used to be friends with

So those are the three guys in my life right now. im not dating any of them at the moment but the option is there and I don't want to lead them on and would like some opinions on which one I should choose they're all really cool guys but the pros and con's are all very different.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Two questions:

    1. Which one will be the most fun to hang around with?
    2. Which one makes your naughty bits wake up when you think about kissing him?

    Your answers to the above questions will help figure out the important things of compatibility and attraction. Ideally you want BOTH, but sometimes, like now apparently, you don't get it all in one package. The normal solution is to friend zone the fun guy, and hump like bunnies with the one you're attracted to until you get bored or he pisses you off. Then you go back to the fun guy and get hitched when it's time to raise rug rats.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Speak to your friend and go for guy3. (Assuming he didn't seriously mistreat her)

    • I'm not friends with her anymore and they only fucked around

  • Why do girls get to pick from multiple guys at any given time?

  • Ignore the stupid bitch below lol anyway use a pros and cons list if you get with guy 1 he's still in high school and you're in college plus you're not ready for commitment so thats not going to work out
    then guy 2 you can't see him more than a friend anyway so he's out
    guy 3 he's the best looking im assuming from your description of him he's going to the same college as you and you're not really looking for a commitment so why not? go with guy 3


What Girls Said 2

  • You can give the 2 of them to less fortunate..

  • Why you don't get the three whore :)

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