I kinda like my friends ex :/?

I've been good friends with a guy for years now, we have the same friend circle, etc.. I've always had kind of a crush on him and he did too. But nothing really happened because none of us ever said anything. He had a serious relationship with a good friend of mine and they broke up a few months ago. Since then we started talking a lot and now I really like him. What should I do?


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  • if he's an ex he's game


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  • Go for it :)) you will regret it later if you don't try it out...

    • But then I would be sort of a bitch.. What would guys think if me and him started dating?

    • Is this friend of yours still very close friends? If she is very close friends then you might want to think twice...

    • Yeah kinda.. We're like the type of friends who are right next to best friends.

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