Is it okay to date my friends ex?

She's not my best friend, but we're really good friends. Oh and the two of them dated for about a year and a half.

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  • This is how that scenario should go down. I'm assuming you're a decent human being.

    1) How quickly you make a move depends on how long they dated, and how long since the breakup. For example, if they dated 3 years and broke up last week - it's not cool to be making moves on him right now. However, if they dated 2 months and it was a year ago - it's ok to be making moves.

    2) You speak to your friend about your feelings for her ex. You are not asking for permission, but let her know that you acknowledge she might have feelings and that you are just trying to be a good friend and honest with her.

    3) Despite your best intentions, understand she may not be mature enough and break off the friendship. However, this is out of your control. You at least did the decent thing.

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    • A good rule of thumb is to always do for yourself what you'd advise a close friend to do. When you do that, you're taking your emotions out of the equation.

    • Yeah thank you so much, I'll think about about it.

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