Was she actually interested?

Last year I was seeing this girl for 3-4 months. We didn't really get anywhere because she never showed signs of interest. But she did want to hang out a lot, and do things together. I even got her to cuddle while movie watching. Eventually she said she wasn't interested, so I weened myself off of her and very casually responded to her texts.

She FLIPPED out at me that I wasn't texting her anymore, taking a day or two to respond to her messages, and that were vague.

I responded with 'I don't like texting because it's impersonal and pointless', and that was that, she never contacted me again. I asked her if she wanted to go to a metal concert that she expressed interest in to put the ball in her court, but she said no thanks. (This was just be polite I didn't have much interest)

Anyways I haven't spoken to her since then, but I'm just reflecting, why was she acting this way?


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  • I think she wanted a friendship and when you showed that you weren't all that interested in a friendship then she just went on her way.

    I don't think she was actually interested in anything romantic. she was frustrated that you weren't still sort of texting and conversing the way you did when you two were "dating"


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  • she liked you but she must have felt there was a reason to lie about it. possible a friend also liked you, she thought you didn't like her, etc etc.


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