Help be come more appealing to guys. I don't get what I've done wrong?

Before you give me one of your nice answers like "you haven't found the right guy", just read this. And no I'm not cocky in honest lol.
So in my school most of the guys put me on their "top 10" list for dating, fucking, and looks or whatever. They also say I'm one of the only girls with good personality, that they can hangout with while other need other girls with them.

Here's a list of what I'm like:
Size C or D boobs (depends)
Round firm butt
Can be obnoxious but that's usually only when I'm with girls and no guys lol

I don't know why I don't get bfs when all of them say I'm on top ten on everything (they say it to other guys but I've seen it on their phones).
Please helllp


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  • Like everyone has said, there's the very real possibility that you intimidate them. It could also be that, if you want a bf as bad as you make it seem, you might be coming off as needy. No offense.

    • I think I treat all the guys like their my friends so they just think I friendzoned them

    • I have the same problem she has... wow haha vote this guy most helpful!

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  • A guy can look at one of the girls at the top of the social order and think that girl would not give him a chance and turn him down and gossip about it so he ends up looking like a fool in front of his peers, and even if she did accept him, she would probably leave him for one of the top guys as soon as one of the top guys express interest in her. Beauty and greatness can be distancing, such that top girls look unobtainable.

    • Most the guys no I'm not bitchy like that

    • Know**

  • They could be intimidated, or you put yourself in the friendzone.

    • I think that may be it because a lot of guys I thought of dating I treat like my brother lol

    • That is EXACTLY it. Hopefully you'll learn this life lesson at your age. I wasn't as smart.. it took me till 25 to learn it; NEVER treat guys you 'like' as friends. Be friendly, be sweet, but never be friends with guys you want a romantic relationship with.

  • Yeah it sounds like they're probably scared. They think too many guys want you or that you would even cheat on them.

    • I'm friends with most of the guys though?

  • I have quite a few ideas why but could you message me a picture of yourself?

  • it depends on what you're intrested in

    • let me rephrase that. what i mean do you want a boyfriend or just sex or nothing. cause if you do go out there and find a guy youreself and dont look for a guy to do find you

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    • Hahaha everyone I've known had the guy ask out the girl

    • hey do what you want to do not what you're
      friends do

  • Well I can help but I will need a picture to be sure. Do you have snapchat?

  • Show pictures. They might be intimidated.


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  • sometimes when guys really like a girl and they find her attractive, she's a bit intimidating to approach. Maybe you should do the approaching :) and sometimes, personality is far greater than looks. Maybe you have a closed personality where people think you dont want to be approached.

  • well how old are you?

    • I'm going to be a freshman

    • In Highschool

    • oh wow you're really young, I honestly don't think guys your age are interested in matured girls like you yet. when I was a freshman I wore a bra size E, and it was really sexy, but I had the body of a 20 year old. and I didn't get boys until I turned 18. mainly because I appeal to older men and Im legal at 18. I think guys check you out, but you are only singe because of your age. I think you are just like me. and at my school I intimidated many guys because I had a woman's body. like you have.