Is this a relationship or just good sex?

So, I met this guy a few weeks ago and we really hit it off. He is pretty much everything i liked in a man. (For some reason, I love the over protective type)

Anyway. We got into a small fight. I pretty much made my point & then said "if all you wanted was sex, you could have told me. I'd be okay with just that."

He says no. He wants a relationship. With me. Then started talking about the makeup sex we so desperately need! Lord.

He gets upset if I assume its purely sexual, but the top of his discussion list is sex. Either way, I'm okay with and he knows it!

Tl;dr- met a guy. I'm okay with either involvement (sex or relationship). He says he wants it 'all'. Mainly talks about sex. Which do you think he wants? What he says. Or what he talks about?

He's coming over tonight for, and I quote, "Some awesome sex and cuddles all effing night!"

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  • I wouldn't write him off just yet as wanting only sex. Even though you guys are not together officially, it sounds a lot like you're in a 'honeymoon period', where sure, you get along great outside the bedroom but almost every time you see each other you have sex and if you don't, the sexual tension is through the roof.

    I had that for the first 4 months after I got together with my boyfriend. He would cut class to come over and mess around with me, regardless of the fact that was the fourth day in a row we had slept together. We also had our fair share of disagreements a bit after that about what each of us really wants from the other, how much sex we're okay with for minimum/maximum, etc.. We patched things up, have been together for 7 months now and things are still unchanged in that almost every time we hang out, there's going to be sex.

    Anyway, the point is, your guys still could really enjoy you as a person and wants more than sex. However, it's perfectly normal to have your hormones in overdrive in the beginning of any sort of sexual relations with someone. If sex was all he wanted and you made ti known that you're not cool with that, I'm sure he would move on to find someone more eager, and certainly wouldn't hang around for a few weeks!

    • Thanks!

      I am that person that just wants to know what's going on. Just sex? Cool. Wanna be my boyfriend? Sure.

      As long as either isn't 'open', I'm happy. Honestly. He's funny. He's cute. And like I said. The sex is great.

    • no problem. Just ask him casually one day what you guys are, like clarifying whether you two are monogamous, strictly in it for the physical aspect, etc.. It'll save you a lot of stress once you get an answer whatever it may be and can save you potential heartbreak the sooner you find out should his answer be not quite what you were hoping for. :)

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What Guys Said 3

  • Alright, finally someone mature and not a teeny bopper.

    So here is the scoop darlin', he wants sex and only that, does NOT want a relationship BUT he doesn't want to share you either, get it? Hence the over protective side.

    He sees you as a sexual goddess, who he really doesn't want to take home to mama but wants to fuck the shit outta you. Some women have that effect on men and since you completely rock his world, he doesn't want to loose you, hence doesn't want you dating other men. Hope this helps :)

    • Thanks! Like I said, either way, I'm cool with it. The sex is good. I'm the type of girl to avoid as much drama as possible. A 'relationship' made only of great sex is my idea of a good time.

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    • And if you need more help or just wanna chat, shoot me a message, would love to connect with someone my age :)

    • Haha okay!

  • Why can't he prioritize sex at the top of the list within the relationship? Sex is often how men evaluate their own self worth within a relationship, at least early on. That and depending on the person, it can be a very pivotal part to life, but it's never everything; despite what some may think; even in men who appear to be with someone simply for sex, there is always more to it.

    • He's a weird one. I figured I'd know by sure by tonight when 'makeup sex' happens. We'll see how he behaves. He's completely obvious during sex whether there are feelings there or not. The last time we were 'together', there were feelings.(he showed up early. Spent some time with my family etc) The time before, it was just sex. (Showed up at 10pm, left after sex cuz he was tired)

  • I think he what's a relationship the way he's being a big girl about it


What Girls Said 2

  • He just want sex. Proof that he does is that he gets mad when you accuse him of only wanting sex. He gets mad because what you accuse him of is true.

    Other clues that he just wants sex:
    He Always has to go to your hour or his
    He doesn't want to do other activities that dont involve sex
    All his discussions are about sex
    He is only interested in talking about sex
    If he thinks he is going to get sex and doesn't he either: pouts, gets silent, or gets mad

    The above list is full proof and guys are that simple. This list is easily used on any guy. And the men who try to fake it because they know this list... can't fake it for long... they will move on to another woman.

  • sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex... thats all he wants...