Should I believe him that he wasn't lying about It for a reason?

My bf is a construction worker and works for his cousin. It's only them 2 and then another guy. There just a small business. Anyways they have been working off and on in this small town about 30 min from where we live. When he works there his phone always seems to die. He said it's because it's always searching for service. Sometimes they will go to the bar for a drink. I will text him during the day and sometimes he doesn't text me back until they are on there way home. He usually says his phone died and he just plugged it in. They usually get doNE working around 430-5ish. One night I text him around 430 to see if he was still working and he said yesh for another 20 min then the guy they work with wants to buy them a beer. He text me back telling me that around 450. Well I looked on his time card and he got done at 430 that day. That is the only day he lied to me about what time he got done. I asked him why he lied and he told me they were just standing around talking. I'm like why didn't u tell me that then rather then telling me u are gonna be working another 20 min. He's like I don't know it wasn't a big deal I told you that. There's no reason for it. Meaning he knows he lied to me but there was no reason for it as in he wasn't hiding anything. Should I believe him that there wasn't a reason or why would he lie about it.


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  • I worked construction for 6 summers and I can tell you from personal experience that somethings things come up. You have to stay later than anticipated somedays you leave early. Maybe they said alright were working until 5 today at 430 his boss came and said lets pack up go get a beeer. That happened to me all the time. Example -- Maybe he told you i'll be here for another 20 mins right after he texts you his boss came up and said lets quit for the day and go grab a beer... they do... so later he told you about it."
    - These things happen more often then you think. Once my boss said alright lets finish this side about 10 minutes later he changes his mind and says Nvm lets just finish tomorrow... lets get a beer...
    in addition, Phones do die, Some days quicker than others sometimes a sports game may be on when your constantly checking it our getting updates. depending on the type job he may not have time to respond. Is there for you not to trust him? I also now that when I worked construction I would round my time by lot bigger margin then say when I was taking classes or than I do now. And yes a beer after working construction all day is amazing. Why are you looking at his time card? I think unless he's done something i. e cheated or youve caught him a bigger lie I think you should give him benefit of the doubt.

    • I have trust issues from past relationships and my bf when we first started dating lied about the dumbest and littlest things. I just don't understand why he said they were still working when they weren't. I've asked him couple times and he seems to switch the story a little. First he would say they were just standing around putting tools away then another time he said they were talking. Then he put in there the first time that they were having a beer n talking. Then last night he told me they don't have beer on the job. As in where they r working.

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    • That I understand, what types of things does she say when he's being a jerk or to make you feel insecure? I got dumped 2 months ago because my ex said she felt like I was pushing her away... That she felt like i was bored with her because I would come home and just watch TV and when we first moved in together I would give her a hug/kiss when I walked in. She said that I wasn't as affectionate around my friends as I was when I was with my family or ourselves, I really never realized I was doing those things or that i had stopped doing those things. All of a sudden she just brought them up and I told her I would try harder but she said she needed time and space, that she had mixed feelings and wanted me to think about if I really wanted her and her daughter in my life... I told her I did... and she said Show me dont tell me... Since then she's been hot and cold she'll reach out but when I do the same she pulls away almost angrily. My advice keep the communication...

    • Communication is key, she wouldn't tell me when things were bothering her and i didn't push too hard to get it out of her either, after a while I got annoyed of her not opening up always saying nothing was wrong that when she would ask me I started doing the same. Im sorry he makes you feel insecure, but dont let things bottle up. I know you said you talked to him. but make sure you are straight forward tell him exactly whats bothering you. a lot of us guys aren't very good at picking up signals or hints or even putting the whole story together but I do know that once we are told its a pretty easy fix.

  • I'd believe him. Why are you checking his time card an whereabouts? That sounds like the problem here to me.


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