How can you tell if this is for real?

A guy I'm seeing lives 200 mikes away so we meet up
When we both can and when we do the sex is amazing we connect so well. We have seeing each other for nearly a year now and we have had our ups n down and I can be mean but he always forgives , I think it's down to frustration because I miss him , yesterday I felt tired and drained and we had a silly fall out and I went to bed , my phone had missed calls from him and texts asking me to talk to him and he's worried , then this morning he texts me again saying are you not talking anymore? I replied and explained I had fallen as sleep last night and he said he's worried about me and hopes I'm ok. I find this so sweet he's always caring over me he told me he cares about me that's why. I have had bad past relationships and find it hard to believe what men say to me and I've told him this a while ago so he understands. I do like him a lot but can't tell him but he knows I like him tho , do you think he sounds genuine? We chat everyday and call when we arn't busy , we have shared deep things together , my problem is I don't want to fall for him and get hurt what do you think?

Miles not mikes lol


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  • This isn't about you and him, this is about you. You need to start believing what he tells you. He wouldn't be hanging around in a long distance relationship if he didn't like you.


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  • I know it's hard but you can't take out your past relationships on this guy. He's not any one of your ex's! He sounds like he genuinely cares about you and your feelings. Obviously if he continuously called you and was texting you when you weren't answering him, that's proof alone right there. I would definitely tell him how you feel, because off of what I'm reading, he feels the same way for you.