So I asked this guy out for food and this was his reply?

Okay so me and this guy have been more then friends for a year. I said to him a couple of weeks ago that on his next day off where hanging out so I can annoy him plus I need an excuse to eat crappy food.' His response 'ahaa sounds like a good idea :)' then a week later he brought up about needing a day off and I said 'ahaa so you can amuse me.' And his response was 'yeah if your lucky :D'

So I decided to try and actually make a plan to hangout the other day and asked what he was doing thu after work. His response was that he had booked a box for football. Which was fine and I told him to have fun. He then asked why what's up. And I just said about how I was going to see if he wanted to grab some food. His response was 'nandoooooos!!!' Can someone help me translate that? Does that mean he wants to grab some food at some point? Is it a good thing? He never asked to rearrange?


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  • First thought is nandos the restaurant... lol
    maybe not, if he really wanted to chill he would be more assertive.

  • He's just playing...
    Forget him.
    Find someone who isn't playing games... =)

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