When is it appropriate to kiss someone you're seeing, but not exclusively?

I'm dating a guy right now but we aren't exclusive or anything. I'm pretty sure we are only seeing each other right now though.

We have known each other for about a month and have been on quite a few dates, around 12 or so.

We like each other's company and we kissed for the first time during our last date together.

He said he waited a lot longer to kiss me than he would have with some other girl, because I wasn't fully comfortable with it.

I'm happy I waited to kiss him though and I felt comfortable with my choice to wait until we had a bunch of dates. I don't regret anything and I definitely enjoyed it.

He seems to think that I made him wait years lol. Did I really make him wait a very long time?

How long do you typically wait to kiss someone you're seeing, but not exclusively?


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  • you wait until it feels comfortable to do so, you did the right thing, its just he was ready a lot earlier than you. but when he is ready isn't important, its about when you both ready


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  • If a girl didn't kiss me on the first date, MAYBE the 2nd, I'd write it off. So yes... You made him wait forever.


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