Is he interested or just a friend?

There is a guy that I usually only see twice a week (especially in the summer) The past couple of times I've seen him he's come up to him and there's been some heavy flirting. Today I was standing in a group of girl friends and he came up and started interacting with us, but when I tried to comment he ignored it as if I hadn't said anything. It seemed that he was still looking at me more than the other girls, but it hurt that he wouldn't acknowledge my comments. Am I just jealous? Does he only see me as a friend? The last time we talked he stared in my eyes the whole time and today he seemed distant. I really like this guy, and he's not shy but he is a total nerd (26 years old, high school chemistry teacher, video games, etc)
I am 20, so is he possibly turned off by the age gap? Am I over thinking this?


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  • Maybe over thinking it, but guys sometimes ignore/neg hit their targets to get them even more interested in them, seemed to have worked?

    I don't think the age gap is that big of a problem.

  • Yeah you're overthinking but that's okay. You're human see all do it sometimes. If you're looking for the real answer it's I don't know and neither do you and honestly neither does he. It's best to just accept that right now you don't know what he sees you as and just continue being you. Continue to try and get closer continue to flirt and eventually it'll be crystal clear what you are too each other.


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