Ladies, what would you do if you were in my position? I'm do confused about my feelings for him. Guys, am I way over thinking this?

so I have been going to school with this guy since grade 7 and he's basically my best friend. I was new to the school in my grade 7 year and he asked me out & to the school dance that was being held. I said yes to both, but ended up breaking up with him the next day (I still feel super bad!!) because I realized I didn't want a relationship yet. Since then, we've been friends and talked a lot at school, but we've never actually hung out. That was a few years ago. Now, we are basically best friends, but he just asked me to be his girlfriend and I said No, because I liked us better as friends. He was really upset, but agreed to continue being friends. Up until then, he texted me constantly but for the past few days (after I rejected him) he rarely responds, never right away and says he's busy. When we do talk, he doesn't want me to go because he claims to love talking to me but now he just won't? I'm really confused but It got me thinking... Maybe I do like him as a boyfriend? I know my friends wouldn't approve, and my best friend wanted to puke at the thought even thou she is close friends with the guy as well. I know that I do like him, and I want to date him, but I guess I just don't want to have the "relationship" title over my head because I'm really shy an fear it would make things awkward. Anther thing, my mom never let's me out of the house because she wants to clean and babysit my siblings all the time so that "she can do what she wants to do" and "get her personal needs met" so I don't know how we would make hanging out work. It's summer Vaca and I just don't know if I want a summer relationship but I doubt he would wait until school started to date me. Anyways... I'm sorry it's so long but I'm really confused and need advice on what to do! I know that I am into him but I am horrible when it comes to relationships. I kinda want to go see a movie with him, which he would defiantly agree to, and tell him I like him afterwards but I don't know. What do u think?


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  • If you something go after it! However keep in mind after a relationship there's no going back to being just friends. So I hope everything goes well.


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