Did this girl play me? or lie to make me jealous?

I'm gonna make this short and to the point :)

This girl told me she can't date right now and needs time to get better. She also told me she feels uncomfortable hanging with me because she doesn't want to develop feelings right now and stay single. This is NOT a lie by the way

A month later we got into a fight, and she threatened to tell me something i didn't wanna hear, i told her to go ahead. she said to me "Remember that friend i hung with? we did more then just hanging". i then confronted her on "oh what happened to not doing anything/hanging so you can stay single/not develop feelings? and she just told me to shut up and stop texting her

i then asked her "okay so did you mean what you said back then? was it an excuse? about wanting to stay single and not develop feelings? " and she replied "im gonna lie and say it was an excuse so you f**k off"

obviously i am gonna cut this girl out of my life, but it still bothers me whats going on. i feel i should ask her for closure/clarification but i ALSO wanted to ask GaG on if she played me or bluffed to make me mad? she once bluffed in the past too (said she got back with her ex-bf, but she made that up to get me mad) but I don't know what to think!!!

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By the way, by playing me, i mean she literally played me. you know, like tell them one thing then do the opposite with another person.

option B in the poll "lied" means she bluffed to make me angry

i will still ask her for closure tho
she said something to me about not wanting to be tied down right now.. and i noticed she disabled her dating profile she uses for "just friends"... im not sure if she's lying or not :(

and she requires professional help before she can date again


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  • She may have been into you but wanted to keep it casual. Some girls dont want to get serious in a relationship because they enjoy their freedom. So she slept with someone else, who cares. It sounds like you were coming on pretty strong and that she didn't need that right now. Maybe she just wanted a friends with benefits thing and couldn't handle the stress a new relationship brings.

    • No.. like medically speaking... she shouldn't be in a relationship. thats what i mean.

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    • i understand that, but she told ME she doesn't feel comfortable hanging with me/doing stuff with me because she doesn't want to develop feelings and wants to stay single

      now she's telling me she did stuff with another guy? doesn't make sense. then as you see above, i asked her and she said she was being truthful about not wanting to develop feelings... but here she is doing it? so either she's bluffing or I don't know lol

    • Here's the thing. Sometimes I don't sleep with guys I actually like because I respect them. And want to try to have a normal functioning relationship. While not falling head over stupid for a person. Yet sex can be detached. Sex can mean nothing. Or everything. Maybe she wants to be single and respects that u want more and that she can't give that to you right now and will just hurt you. So she is trying to distance herself so it doesn't turn into the messy affair it seems to be turning Into.

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  • Yeah I think she played u. Get to of her

    • are you saying she lied about doing stuff with this new guy? or not?

  • That girl is playing u she was totally upset and did want she thought would make u mad

    • so she made it up, to get me angry?

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    • but she cannot currently date right now, as i said in the question. she is getting professional help for her serious issues. thats why im confused if she lied to me to make me mad, or not.

    • I'd her health situation but she seem to be doing a little of both

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