Major advice needed. 23 yo who emotionally sucks at relationships!

I'm 23 dating a 28 yo and we both are shy and quiet when it comes to our relationship. We have liked each other for two years and have been dating for two months. We only kiss each other hello and goodbye and that's it. We haven't held hands or done any of the flirting stuff and I know he's taking it slow until I get comfortable because I'ma virgin and he isn't. But I want to break the awkwardness and become more like a normal couple but don't know how. I'm also leaving for two months and don't know if he's waiting untili come back to be more serious. Any thoughts?


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  • Talk.

    If you want to hold his hand and you feel like he's holding back so that you're comfortable, I'd say just reach out and hold his hand. You might have to be the one to break the touch barrier.

    But overall, my advice is to communicate with him. You two have liked each other and played the guessing game enough. Now that you are in a relationship, it's seriously time to move past that. Don't try to figure out if he is going to wait for you, ask him. Ask him what he wants to do while you're gone and have an actual discussion about it.

    Is it easy to do? No. But it's a lot better than trying to guess what the other person is thinking.

    Best wishes


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  • It's time to make the changes you want, swallow that apprehension and push for what you want. You two are together, you both like each other, go nuts, hold his hand, look him in the eyes, grab his dumb face and kiss him.

  • I have dated virgins. And I have dated girl without having sex before she left for a month or two in college. But I have never dated a virgin who also left... well High School she... did leave but was not a virgin we just hadn't done more than kiss before she left.

    My first thought from what the preview showed... is your hymen in tack have you ever inserted penis shapes into it?

    Jessica has the better response. At 23 I was like use apricot oil and slip you hand inside than ask him if he wants to try. Sorry a girl blew my mind once and we did it. I just wish there were more girls who offered something unexpected when multiple kissing dates never went further but we both wanted it to.

    Have Jessica decided on this before taking any idea from me. I have a lot of experience. But not your particular case. I am really slow. So girls have asked to see my bedroom and then while sitting next to each other on the bed talking, she goes wanna see what I can do and she stuck her whole hand in her mouth. Being the Genius that I am I remember this from third Grade and was like Yeah we used to do that do and followed her example with less success. She was was wanting me to be clever enough to figure out how to turn her hand in the mouth into a blow job, and I am used my lets be 3rd grade friends experience, because I have no idea. Laughing now, I realize while I thought I was bonding with a girl back then too, in both cases that was the last date. Lets be friends who respect and support each other is not how relationships seem to work that just what words say to each other is not always in actions.

    A ballerina gave me my first blow job, I wanted to be respectful and told her I was going to cum. She didn't stop, so I gently pushed her back and went to let it out in the sink. She did hear me and totally okay if I had. Wish my first had been her swallowing. It feels so emotionally bonding to me, that I wish our first memory was what she wanted.

    What do you actually want?


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  • It sounds as if he's respecting your boundaries and he's waiting for you to make the move. I think you should! If you want to of course. And try to be playful. Bring out the fun side in each other. Grab his hand, rub his shoulders, put your head on his chest, etc. I think once you do those things and show him that you're really into him things will flow for the both of you.