Does he like me, or does he like her?

I asked this guy I like and that I'm good friends if he wanted to go to this pizza place with me, our friend, and my sister (we can't drive yet by the way so my sister had to supervise us ugh)

anyways so he wore nice clothes and he put gel in his hair (which he normally doesn't do.) He looked at me a lot, but when I looked at him he looked away, or he'd hold eye contact for like a while but then look away. He also told me yesterday when I posted a selfie that I looked very pretty :)

I thought everything went good. He talked to everyone, but I feel like he talked to me the most. But

then I texted him afterwards saying that was fun! With The cute blushy emoji, and I got no reply. I'm pretty sure he saw it bc my sister texted him an hour after I sent the message asking him to play this game with us.

Also we hung out again to study with my teacher (and our friends came.) He sat next to me, but whenever the session was over, he started talking to our other friend (she's not the one we went to pizza with but she's my best friend) but after we left the room he caught up to me and said bye.

The only reason I'm jealous of my best friend is bc he once told another friend of ours (a year ago) that he liked her, and then hesaid jk. But he doesn't talk about her to me. They aren't that close. Am I over reacting? Does he like me? Does he like her?


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  • you guys are 18 and no one drives? lol.

    K holy shit sounds like you're all 12, "I like someone, jk" is something a child says. He may like you, only one way to find out.

    • Well actually we're 16. Sorry the age is wrong on here. The boy is super conservative, & he hasn't had much experience with girls. Well I've had less experience lol.

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    • Most of the time it can go either way, just ask if you feel that strongly.

    • Thanks! I'm going to ask him next time I see him.

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