What are your do's & don'ts on the 1st date?

If you want, just have a list of dos & don'ts you can explain why too. :)


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  • Never tell a girl your fantasies when she asks. First date, she asked and I was like I have always wanted to have sex on the hood or back sides of my corvette while parked in a lighted parking lot on a hill above the view of traffic. To look at from my car and think I will never forget this.

    She was convinced I loved my car more than women from that point on. I was in High School with a collectible 1976 Corvette Stingray that I only washed once a week, cut me a break. One of the girls I was most attracted to in my entire life, who totally asked me if I wanted to ask her out because I was somewhat welcoming yet shy (Had intercourse once at 14 and was now 18 without doing it again.)

    Just about anything goes on the first date. I usually plan on not having sex for the first month because sometimes dates a weeks apart but more than a month is ridiculous. And I have had great sex on first dates. And less exciting sex once we got to "know each other as people", it makes me awkward as it feel like in some way it is disrespectful after proving we like each other without sex, that I am about to give in to proving that once monogomous I perfer it every day. My head is like see I respect you, now lets be simple minded p*rn stars for the next seven years because "sex?" is my preferred way of asking even though I absolutely have to git some good kissing and squeezing of muscles and curves in.

    You tell me. How does a guy make himself sound attractive, when its like greet me when I get home, serve one beer, receive me 2x a night or at least Once every 2 weeks, and I will be faithful not matter what sexplosions of clothing I encounter. Pay all bills provide insurance. Me Yard Laundry Breakfast. You do inside, letting me grill a dinner each week. Why is this so hard to sell? Sex, Decorating, Accounting, Cleanings, never leave Fresh sheets as yours to do TEAM, I make tea & Omelets/Pancakes. You go to cook dinner, say not enough time food&sex, I call Applebees? Whats wrong?

  • Don'ts:

    Talking about exes
    Talking about parents
    Talking about anything disgusting
    Money or Salaries
    References to other attractive men from her
    References to other attractive women from me
    Talking about the idea of marriage or having kids

    In general nothing heavy, I like to keep if light and fun.

  • Do's

    Open the car door for the girl.

    pay for her no matter how pricy the place is

    at the end of the date never drive off untill she's inside her home

    Give her a kiss on the cheek or a hug


    Never kiss her to long on the lips and No french kiss on the first date.

    Dont ever use swear words

    dont dive off and leave her half way to her front door at the end of the date

    In no way is there to be any kind of sex

  • I must be careful since I'm still single but the times I've been out with girls I preferred to do things together or go do some hiking.
    That's a lot less nerve wreching than you first date in a restaurant and both being sooooo shy and afraid to screw up!

  • Don't:
    Talk about sex
    Ask or talk about exes
    Try to impress me by bragging. If you're as cool as you say you are then it'll speak for itself.
    Talk too much. People who talk just to fill silence are annoying.
    Give too many compliments

    Tell about your interest and passions
    Be flirty and playful
    Ask me about myself
    Be funny! (so important)

  • Dont have sex on the first date. It will make him think your too easy. If you wish to continue a relationship with him. He will always wonder if he needs time to think where the relationship is going you take a break for a couple of days if you are going around town sleeping with every tom, dick and harry.

  • DOn't talk about religion, politics, or sex... the three most trollable subjects. Haha, isn't that what most of this site is, religion, sex, and politics?

  • It depends the girl could want oral sex or sex when I only make out and do foot rubs dinner movies chocolates and flowers I might perform oral on her that is a first date in my eyes.

  • Do get matching tattoos

  • I have not made a list. I do not see a need too, every female I meet will be different. I guess my don'ts would be to avoid physical contact.


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  • Don't
    1. Don't bring up past relationships
    2. Not a great idea to talk about babies/marriages
    3. Don't make the date late at night, you don't want to be tired!
    4. Don't just let him pay the bill or vice-versa. But if insists than he's a gentleman
    5. Don't get drunk
    6. Don't be too flashy (I'm sure you know that)
    7. Don't leave your phone on, switch off.
    8. Sex on first date? not preferable.
    1. Believe in yourself, he would be just as shy!
    2. Kiss and maybe be explorative.
    3. Do have a great date!.
    4. Give it a little while before asking for a second date :)

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