Does this shy girl like me?

Girl at school who I was going to ask to formal is going with some other guy (only because he was the only person to ask her). She looks at me quite a bit out of the corner of her eye, walks past me at lunch to go somewhere (when she could just go straight there, also, i'm pretty sure its just to see me) and looks all nervous when i look at her and stuff. she's come out of her shell a bit and is a bit more confident now but seems to copy and try to be like one of her friends. What don you guys think. Also we don't really talk anymore because it's awkward idk. In English class she sneakily looks at me and constantly fixes her hair and even today i had my hands on my head and she walked past and let the ends of her hair run over my hands. today we spoke briefly and she was nervous, kinda hiding behind her friend, playing with her hair and looking at me shyly.


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  • Yea i believe she does like you and she is like unable to find a way to approach you without her shy subtle hints sending your way. Im shy myself and i do that if i like a guy. Maybe you should try to invite her to another event if you like her since the other guy took your place by being first.! Good luck!!! :)


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  • Thats exactly what I do when I like someone haha. Try to show her that you are intrested in her. And talk sometimes. Maybe tease her a little bit. She will become more open to you.


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