Girl said she doesn't know if it ever will be the same?

A girl I've been talking too for a year said that sge doesn't know if it can be the same again. We got into an argument for 3 days and I told her that my cousin was right and that she was going to hurt me. From then on sge ignores me texts and calls most of the time sge reads them and that's it.
I asked her if we could hangout soon and she said I don't know and she'll have to see.
What does it mean if a girl says she'll have to see. And if she doesn't know if it can be the same again...
Please help me.
P. s. She said I'm a big part in her life and she cares about me a lot.


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  • To me it sounds like she is trying to get your attention because you hurt her and she just wants you to know that.
    Chances are she will start talking to you the same if you try to make it up for her.

    • I tried I said sorry a lot and I asked her if we could hangout soon and she said she'll have to get back to me

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    • I really dought that... She said that I was very important to her and stuff like that

    • I don't know she sounds like she has given up on you or just trying to make you regret it (which means she will talk with you when she is ready) otherwise why would she ignore all of your apologies?

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  • It won't be the same for a while i mean there might be a chance you can kind of move on from the incident but she won't forget it, and will always bring it up in future arguments and such.


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  • It probably means you really fucked up saying those things during an argument to her and she's not sure if she wants to keep the relationship going.

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