Should I call her/text her?

I met this girl on Saturday and got her number... It was at a party and was just a make out. I text her Sunday for her email and I got it. I also added her on Facebook, the problem is she has not been online since or accepted my friend request. Now its Thursday, should I keep waiting or go for a call and see what's up. I don't want to look like a creeper randomly calling her after like 6 days you no...?


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  • I'd say you text her to get her to call you.

    -If she doesn't, you're screwed

    -If she does, just set up a date "Hey, I had a lot of fun at the party last saturday..." *wait for her response* "I'm going [whatever... shoe shopping or something], wanna come along?"\

    Anywhoo: good luck, and whatever you do, do keep us updated ;)

    Have a great day! ^^

    • I'd have to disagree.. a lot of times girls won't call first because they don't want to look desperate. If I were you, I'd call her. In general, girls love to talk so anytime people call it's a good thing. :]

    • Well, the thing is. Girls may be scared to call because of appearing desperate, but in this scenario above, YOU ACTUALLY CONTACTED HER FIRST. YOU asked her to call you...

      The reasoning is sound, so I definately see where you're coming from, but the thing that I think you forgot to take into consideration is that she WON'T look desperate because you asked her to call you. Also: girls only like to talk when they LIKE you. That's why you text her to call you.

      Anyways, thanks for the comment, mate

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  • You randomly made out with some chick that you met at some party and you're worried about looking like a creeper? hahahahaha...

  • just text her. and see if she's interested in talking.


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  • Here's the analysis:

    Question 1: Do you want to hang out with her again?

    If YES: Call her.

    if NO: Do not call her.

    Question 2: End of discussion.