Can we just.. Forget?

Basic facts: fwb, known for 4 years, friends with benefits since June of this year. I'm a senior in high school, he'll be a freshman at Temple this fall. Sex is great, we click real well (even though he's totally weird but in a cute way), we smoke all the time. He's an asshole. Cancels plans hours, sometimes even minutes before said meet time. Doesn't respond or acknowledge texts for days. Yes we're not "together", but we agreed we would act as such this summer because I began to like him and he liked me. Was GOING to go on a date, he bailed. Complete mia. Monday he posted on Facebook he just had his wisdom teeth removed. Week prior I told him I will be getting my bellybutton pierced, we flirted, mia. Today we're texting like everything is fine and nothing happened at all.
Question: can we both forget and pretend like nothing happened, or is that a bad idea?

He just asked me to come over and lay around with him and he is in a "vulnerable state"..


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  • He goes mia too often, that isn't indicative of someone who's mature enough to be responsible with someone's feelings. Just saying.


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