My boyfirend is dating my cousin who?

my boyfirend is dating my cousin who insulted me and "blackmailed" me!

some how she found the password to my computer (she is a computer geek buy the way) and went thruogh all my personal data and threathen me that she will show them to every body, (i had personal things in there as you might able to guess, right?)

any how before all that, she was beefing at me with no reason at all, so i asked her what was her problem, then she told me non sense etc etc,... then told me off saying i need a brain and not heavy eye makeup with an accent :/ then after that she blackmailed, sending my personal information over text and i felt so sacred and tense that i went from 118 lbs to 108 lbs,.. then after a few month i discovered she hacked my pc.

il admit im a simple person, im not good with people or conflict. but over all she is now dating my bf and my bf knows what she did to me and yet still dating her,... how can i react or deal with this?

sorry if this sound childish but it really messed my head up after being blackmailed buy her,...

please give mature answers to this, thank you.

sorry he is my EX boyfirend!


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  • He's dating both of you at the same time? DUMP HIM! Why let him disrespect and use you like that?

    • no he is my ex now, sorry i didn't mention that in the title.

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    • Good luck and stay strong :)

    • thnak you i will,...

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  • Wait... so your boyfriend is dating both of u?

    How does that work?

    What is your cousin making u do? Do u have to give her money or something?

    • sorry , no he is my ex, silly mistak of not adding my 'ex bf'' in the tittle,.. no she hasn't demanded anything.

    • So how is it blackmail? She must of threatened u in some way

    • it was just so odd, i asked her what her problem was, thne after a few bad names, she blackmailed me, read my Q again please if you didn't understand properly.

  • Find dirt on her. Do what she did, and get a hacktivist to help you out.

    Drop us a line.

    BlackArrowInformation@mail. com.


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  • your bf does not have any respect for you.. or maybe yes (maybe your creepy cousin has blackmailed him too)

  • Would it make me the only violent only Commenter if I said "Fuck that bitch up?" Like seriously people like that need a REAL GOOD ass whipping. I promise it'll make you feel better. Unless you think she'll win. Then don't do it.

  • she's a b****. You have to find something really bad about her and call it truce. The fact thay she's dating you bf is ridiculously low.