Help me please!! Do u think he likes me?

Ok so I like my friend and I'm not looking for a boyfriend or anything but I would like to know if u think he likes me. The last time I talked to him (I don't see him since I switched schools) he really seemed to care about what I said and my friend thinks he likes me. Even my mom thinks he likes me!! I wasn't paying as much attention I was looking at his hair and eyes. When my mom took a picture of all of us (my two friends, his friend and his sister, and his sister were there too) he was standing so close to me. The next time I saw him at his school's play he barely talked to me. It wasn't like he was ignoring me really he was just talking to other people. We did take a selfie together though. So do u think he likes me?

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  • Dude, taking a selfie with a guy doesn't count as liking.

    Nor does the other factors. Get me better signs and I can determine it.

    • When I was talking to him he was looking straight at me and really cared about what I was saying like when we were alone (for like nine seconds) he asked if I was still allergic to peanuts and I hadn't talked to him in two years but at the at he didn't really talk to me but I think he might've been looking at me

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    • Thanks for MH! : )

    • O ur welcome 😊

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  • Maybe yes, maybe no.

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