How important is sexual appetite in a mate?

How important to you do you consider a potential mate's sexual appetite?

In case some don't know, prerequisite means the person has to have it or he or she won't even be considered.

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  • It's an important factor
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  • it's a factor, but not terribly important
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In answer to my own question, I would vote it's an important factor. Actually, if I could I would vote somewhere between "It's an important factor" and "it's a factor, but not terribly important."


Most Helpful Girl

  • Most fights my boyfriend and I have are about sex. He used to have a crazy sex drive and I loved it. I couldn't keep him off of me. Lately things are slowing down. Girls want to feel wanted. We need a guys sex drive to tell us we look good. You don't have to say we look sexy as long as your actions say it for you.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to vote if you haven't. May I ask what a typical fight about sex might be?

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    • I wish that last part would be common sense >.>.

    • Haha me too!

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What Girls Said 5

  • It's an important factor. When you say sexual appetite, does that mean drive only, or is it all encompassing (likes/dislikes, kinks, etc)? It's all important. It would be frustrating for me to be with somebody who's drive does not match mine and if they can't compromise or communicate what they want in bed.

    • Mostly drive, but I suppose it could encompass sexual preferences as well. Have you seen a movie called The Tall Guy?

  • I hate a high sex drive and dating guys who can't keep up is getting old. I'd like to meet a guy who could match my drive.

    • I'm pretty sure you meant to say "have" instead of "hate." Thanks for stopping by. don't forget to vote if you haven't.

    • lol yes, I meant to say have, thank you for correcting, and I did vote.

  • I kinda get bummed out when sex becomes a topic between my boyfriend and I. He's pretty shy, and is very paranoid about getting me pregnant, which is completely understandable.

    However, he also doesn't want me to "waste" money on condoms because he just doesn't want to do it that much all together. It's like getting condoms is an admission that we can't help ourselves.

    I like sex, i like it a lot, making him feel good, and getting the favor returned is amazing. But sometimes it's hard to get him to go with it even if he wants it too.

    • Interesting. Hope you work things out. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to vote if you haven't.

  • Very important to me to know about a potential boyfriend because I need a man that can match my high sex drive or more than me other wise I know it won't work out.

  • its very compulsory because i need it, i have to feel that you see me as a waking sex. the craving, the aggressiveness, energy.

    • "Waking sex?" Could you explain that some more? Thanks for sounding off. Don't forget to vote if you haven't.

    • oh okay. i meant walking sex. and mr i think i know everything i voted before i left a comment. you have got issues

    • Well, I mean no offense. I just remind people to vote because not everybody does. You'll note that I did it for everyone. What issues do you think I have?

What Guys Said 2

  • You mean sex and eating? LOL Nah I really don't get the question though. Are you asking about sex drive?

    • Yes, sexual appetite is sex drive. Don't forget to vote. Thanks.

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    • No offense taken, however every guy I know my age can perform, though it's true our sex drives do diminish over time.

    • Oh ok. Well that's good. :)

  • It can be created.

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