Is it wrong to move on quickly from a past relationship?

Recently I was in a relationship, and it wasn't working out. Even more, it was verbally and emotionally abusive, and I knew that I had to move on, so I did. However, it only took a short time, before I was in a new relationship -- this time with a very close friend of mine that I'd had a crush on for awhile (even during the abusive relationship). I'm not getting bantered by my ex that I moved on too quickly, and I understand that moving on in a matter of 15 minutes is very swift, but I felt it was necessary, and that I didn't have to take time to move on -- after all, I'd even told him that there was someone else that I had interests in, and that the spark that he and I shared had just... died...

But he's trying to make me pity him, and it's making me feel absolutely horrible...

And a part of my personality is, a s my motto goes, "Do not dwell in the past, but thrive in the future." So...


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  • It's not wrong. Him trying to draw sympathy from you is wrong.

    Seems like you already know the answer, just trust that you've made the right decision for yourself.


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  • You came out of an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship (I presume he was the one being abusive, because you were the one that left it) and now he's trying to make you feel terrible? That's horrible! It sounds as if he's just trying to continue the abuse, despite you no longer being in his life. xx

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