I feel like the friend zone is my only zone?

I am 19 and I have never had a guy show interest in me. I have never been on a date and I have never kissed. Every guy I like always wants to just be friends.

I know it isn't my personality because they all want to be my friend. And I wouldn't change my personality anyway, because that is ridiculous. I want someone who likes me for who I am.

I am not a tomboy. I am about the average amount of girly lol. I where make up (most of the time) and wear dresses and skirts sometimes and am into some girly things. But I also feel comfortable hanging out with guys.

Don't give me the whole "really pretty girls don't get asked out because guys are too intimidated." for 2 reasons
1. I have asked guys out multiple times. I am always rejected.
2. I know I am not THAT pretty.

But I'm not unattractive either. I am 5'6" and around 120 lb. I guess I would give myself around a 6 or 7. Maybe, I don't know.

I just don't know why guys don't see me as anything other than a friend.


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  • I never kissed a girl until I was 19, nothing unusual. I've learned that you can force a connection with someone , there will not always be someone in your life currently that you connect with. You really just have to wait for that special someone to walk into your life.

    Don't waste your time searching, just enjoy your life, make yourself happy and the right guy will eventually walk into your life!


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  • I know someone who is 59 years old just recently met the love of her life. Some things take time. Just be patient.


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