If you are dating and he still watches other girls does it mean he doesn't care?

I started dating a guy one month ago. Things started fast i thought it would be a one night stand but he insisted on keeping contact with me and i accepted to start dating him. He talks to me all the time we have amazing chemistry and he says he has not felt this way for anyone in a very long time... But! I see he likes pictures of hot girls all the Time on instagram and it really bothers me. Should i see it as he is just a player or is it normal for a guy to keep looking and liking pictures of hot girls? What do you think? Ty

So i think i should also add that he takes pictures of himself also showing off...


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  • Mmm... a month is super early. And even it was a year in guys look at pictures, magazines, chicks on TV and Movies, p*rn, girls we see from day to day. It means nothing. Only thing that means anything is who we're with and how we feel about them. We're guys and this is just something we do. Some more than others but all of us do it in some fashion to some degree. The difference is that most of us error on the side of caution and don't do it in front of our women. So if this is something that you are witnessing and it's a deal breaker for you then like Peter0 said you might wanna have the, "I wanna be monogamous," talk with him. If he says yes, then you can bring to light that his instagram activity is an issue and maybe even that that is why you asked in the first place.

    If it was me and it was only a month in, but I really liked you, and you said you wanted to be monogamous, I'd probably say yes. And if you asked me to stop snap-chatten or instagramming looking at pictures of girls where you could see my activity openly I could agree to that too. Anything more than that after only a month and I start to get turned off. But that's just me.


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  • It means he's alive, at any rate.

    But you should have a "hey, so we're monogamous, and we're going to stay that way, right?" talk.

  • I see people here saying it's normal but I wouldn't. Depends on the guy I suppose, but at the very least, he should be considerate about doing it in front of you.

    • I dont think he knows that i see his activity on instagram

    • tell him straight how it upsets you

  • Well... start looking up hot guys, if he stops it wasn't normal, if he isn't bothered well then he is just looking.

  • Look guys have eyeball and their favorite thing is pretty girls. Just because our eyes may wander from time to time and land on some girls boobs or butt has nothing to do with whether or not we really like you. But if he starts acting shady that's a sign. But even then just talk to him about it. I liked the same girl for 4 years once and even though at the time I felt like I'd never want to be with anyone else my eyes went everywhere.

    • isn't too early after 1 month to tell him it makes me doubt of his feelings?

    • No if anything you're trying to confirm them. It's natural early on to have your doubts. at least that's how I see it.

  • Is those hot girls his friends or are they just random hot girls?

    • I dont think he knows them personally its mostly fitness girls with thousands of followers. The thing is he will also post hot selfies of him that get lots of likes from all kinds of girls...

    • He just appreciate beautiful women as most men do. Tell him how you feel about what he does.

  • It means he has an XY chromosome pair - it's as normal as the sun rising and setting. It definitely does not mean he doesn't care in any way - it's not a reason to doubt his feelings.


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