Girls: Have you ever been on vacation visiting a friend and met someone that you would consider having a long distance relationship with?

A girl who is best friends with one of my friend's wives was out here visiting this past weekend. I met her Saturday and we hung out for the rest of the weekend through Monday and I ended up staying at their place with this girl. I've never considered a long distance relationship, but this girl just does something for me. Not exactly sure what it is, but I feel oddly attracted to her. She is so fun and has a personality I'm just really attracted to. Doesn't hurt that she is very good looking either!! When she left I jokingly said "come back and visit soon" she said "oh I'll be back soon" and "who knows maybe one day I'll move here ;-)". Right now she lives across the country. She's like 31 and I'm 35. I just wondered if it was something you've ever considered or would consider, especially after just meeting someone? Ordinarily I advise anyone against these situations, but I guess when it happens to you it seems different. I feel like I should just forget it, but for some reason I've actually been considering seeing if she would be open to it or at least seeing each other again very soon. We both have good jobs and could easily afford to see one another. Has anyone ever had a situation like this turn out to be successful?


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  • I had a similar situation and met this guy through a friend and he was visiting and he lived 6 hrs away from me, but he pursued strongly and asked me out. Then he wasn't able to come to me because he had drill (he's in the Air National Guard) so I went to him and we had two amazing dates and I really liked him. I was all on board to have a LDR but then he decided later that he didn't want to have a LDR (He'd had one in the past and got hurt)... So I don't know if this helps but I think you should ask her. Worst case she decides she doesn't want to do long distance, but she could be like me in that she doesn't mind it. :)

    • Thanks! I'll see what happens with our communications. Right now we have no plans to talk, so I have no idea where this will go. It might not go anywhere until the next time she comes out here. Who knows. I was just wondering if anyone has had any success doing it. Sorry your guy bailed on you. That really sucks!!

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    • I don't know. I think I will ask my buddy what his wife says when she gets back. She and the girl went out of town together so I will probably ask him what his wife says because I don't want to feel like an ass if it was just a one night/weekend thing. She seems like she could be interested, but at the same time she could have just been being nice too, I don't know. It's not like we stayed up all night having meaningful conversation or anything. If she lived out here I would for sure, but as is I just don't know. I don't want to be one of those guys that latches on either.

    • Ya I think it's really smart to wait and see what your friends wife says :)

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  • I WISH that would actually happen to me.

    • No you don't!!! Trust me. It's waaaay easier when the person you like or could like lives in the same place as you. LDR are a pain in the ass. Can be worth it sometimes, but are very difficult. Even if you are only a couple hours away it's difficult, let alone across the country!

  • I love stuff like that, though it's never happened to me. I think it could work especially if the both of you aren't dating anyone else back home. LDRs appear to be a bit easier nowadays with all the advances in technology. Relationships need the element of 'space' to work anyway, imo.

    • I agree I guess, but one of the best things about when you start seeing someone new is that desire to see them all the time. Even though we both have money we can't just be flying across the country every other week. That seems like it would get old too. I'm not dating anyone and I don't think she is either for the guy's sake if she was!!! That would mean she definitely cheated on him!! Do you think it helps that her good friend knows me and her husband and all my friends hang out and work together and thus knows I'm not a weirdo?

    • I do think it's a good thing and helps your situation that you have an established rapport with a few people close to her. Also i can see where flying back and forth bc of an intense desire to be together could turn into a hindrance, but as the relationship progresses, i would think there would be some sort of compromise as to where you two would eventually make your permanent place of residence. Patience would definitely be heavily required here, but the success rate for LDRs is still great.

    • Ok thanks! I'll definitely keep that in mind. That's the nice thing at least for me, I'm not in any hurry to have anything happen. I have plenty of time to figure things out. I would just really like to see her again as soon as possible. She was so fun to hang out with. A good kisser too which is super important to me!! It sounds like she has thought about moving out here to CA anyway. Her best friend lives out here, and she has told me she absolutely loves it out here. So I think that's good too. Honestly, I couldn't move to where she lives. Nothing against east coast, but no thank you. I'll keep my palm trees, waves, and beaches!!!

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  • Yes a few times. I don't know if I'm just unlucky but it seems like the only girls that I meet that are what I've been looking for my whole are girls I meet while traveling. I usually don't ask them out or anything mostly because I feel like it would be creepy to them if a guy who lives nowhere near them, not even in the same state asked them out or said they have feelings for them.

    • I don't really have to worry about the "creepiness" factor since she is best friends with a girl who knows me and all of my friends anyway. She knows I'm not some creep and I have a good career. Otherwise I'd probably forget it because it would take a huge leap of faith on her part to try it with a total stranger!