Sexting past of a young guy?

This question is for all the pretty ladies here.
I am 25 m from India. I am single and virgin but I had done sexting with some random girls anonymously online. I may sound looser to some but my thought is that I would have fun without hurting or haunting anyone. I dont have any contact with them neither I had shared any personal details or face pics. I deleted the pics I received from them and never shared it with any of my friends.
Now, my question is that whether you will accept this past of your bf if he honestly tells you everything and assure you that its all in the past and is never gonna disturbe his present or future anyways?


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  • As long as you won't do it again while you are in a relationship it would be fine. It doesn't really matter to a girl as long as you don't do it with her in the picture. But personally that is a get go from what I've heard. A lot of my friends say that sexting is really attractive and sets the mood for later on stuff.

    • It definitely is a get go thing. I still get excited remembering my experiences. ... lol... but I am mature enough now to understand that its better done with the special one.

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  • Yes the past is the past. The thing is to not do it with a random female while you are in a committed relationship. I feel like pretty much everyone has sexted at some point during this era anyways ;)

    • I had never been in a relationship and also had never cheated anybody ever. So I can assure my girl about the loyalty thing.
      Thank you for the supportive reply. :-)

  • Its the past, you're definitely not the same guy. Its good that you told her about it. I would feel uncomfortable at first but ill give you props for owning up.

    • I was a perfect guy untill I diverted my mind from being good. But I would say I am back with minimum loss. And yes you are right anyone would feel uncomfortable specially the one who dint expect this from me. Thank you dear. :-)

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