Just a question about my confusing relationship?

So, me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and a half. But 3 months ago we split up, this was down to him making very little contact, pushing me out and dropping me for his friends and weed. So I got up one morning and walked out. We eventually got in contact again and he said he changed. Being the fool in love that I am, I gave him another chance. Te first week was fine hahaha! He stuck to plans, kept in contact with me, but the week after, we only get to see each other on weekends because I work an he can see his friend any time, he said he couldn't see me because he was having the "boys" over for a session. Which is smoking weed and drinking. My heart sank. So the following weekend I stupidly went through and everything was fine. But the following weekend I went through after work and he had been smoking weed knowing fine well I don't like it. Anyway, I pushed it aside and got us a few beers. Because I got bottle with caps, he went crazy cause some spilled when he opened it and started punching things and after said "it was so hard not to scream in your face there" and he knows what I've been through with my ex. But it gets worse. Yesterday as I was waiting on the bus home from work, I collapsed and got taken to hospital, thankfully it was only a bug and low blood sugar, but he hasn't phoned me to ask how I am, what had happened or anything. What do I do?


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  • As hard as it can be and as much as you don't want to, it's time to end the relationship and end all contact.
    He is not mature enough for a serious relationship, and could possibly have anger issues along with drug and alcohol dependency issues.
    You are too young to be straddled with someone that views you only as a convenience. You take second fiddle to anything he deems better at the moment. He has some growing up to do. I doubt he will change anytime soon. If you stay with him, he will not change. Don't enable the behavior.
    He has to want to change. Not just change for a few days to get you back. End the relationship and don't stay in contact with him in any way.
    You deserve what you want and need, not just what he wants when he wants it.
    Take the time for yourself and your health.


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  • Move on and never look back. If a guy cannot respect you or care for you, neither should you care about him. Maybe the only reason he ever asked you back was because he missed his punching bag. You, my friend are the punching bag of his.


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  • Yo need to move on sadly. :/. This sounds like an emotionally and physically abusive relationship waiting to happen. if he gets mad and punches things it means he is immature and doesn't know how to handle his own emotions. You simply need to leave him and never ever look back. He'll say he's changed to get you back. He'll do anything when he gets lonely. Just delete him from your life... no block him from it. no one deserves a relationship like that and it is obvious that he doesn't care. He can't ever stop smoking weed for you.


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