Why do I seem to always attract the wrong girl? What am I doing right/wrong?

In relation to my previous question, I am really puzzled.

If you had read my previous post, you would have known that I have asked GirlA out on two occasions, to which i got a "I'm busy" reply. Strangely, within the same community, there is a GirlB who apparently likes me.

In comparison, I have not really talked to GirlB unless needed (official stuff), and GirlB knows nothing about me.

GirlA, on the other hand, is usually present when GirlB is around, and on top of that, knows I play the guitar and I'm a tennis player because she happen to witness both of them first hand (when I played for worship session for guitar, and when she saw me playing tennis by accident, yeah, we stay in the same condominium).

What could be the reason that I have attracted GirlB but not GirlA given that GirlA knows my "skills" while GirlB knows nothing about me besides when we handle official business.

Is there a way, I could 'transfer' that interest to GirlA instead?

I have not talked to GirlA anymore than I speak to GirlB ( means besides asking her out, i didn't talk to her ) and that GirlA and GirlB are good friends.


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  • Maybe GirlA isn't interested in you that way, and maybe GirlB thinks you're hot. And, as it happens, they're both people, not objects, so you can't transfer interest.