A Girls Preference On Dates?

Girls: Who would you rather date? Some hot guy, or an "ok looking" shy and sensitive friend? How come?

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  • I had an ultra hot looking boyfriend and our relationship was dysfunctional, he didn't care at all so i broke up with him thank god.
    My new boyfriend is so sensitive that he makes him cute and via his great personality, he looks ultra hot and attractive to me.
    But it depends for everyone.


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  • I'd prefer someone who's confident (not arrogant), caring and funny, someone whom I connect with rather than "just a hot stud". If he's just hot, it's nice to look at but the dates would get boring, with a really sensitive guy I'd be afraid to say what's on my mind or to make stupid jokes.

  • Well it's not like the hot guy doesn't have a personality. I don't think it's quite fair to say just some hot guy. If you want an answer you've gotta give both characters some personality traits.
    From what you said I'd go with the hot guy, he might be just as shy and sensitive as the other guy and I'm guessing he is into fitness, sports, possibly the outdoors, all things I also like

  • Assuming the hot guy has a good personality, I'd choose him.

    I'm not attracted to shy and sensitive. I like easy going and charismatic.

  • Looks aren't all that matters, it's personality! I could care less if a guy is ugly or not, as long as he's smart, nice, and won't get me into any trouble :)

  • Personality really is a big deal. But if they both had a good personality, hot guy all the way. And I like a guy that is confident, because I'm the shy one.


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