Please help me to keep it moving forward & save what we have?

My ex & me broke up a while ago but were seeing each other a few months after. We ended everything, because I started pushing things, all the reasons I am trying to work on.

The other day he messaged me & then he rang & we talked for an hour.

Then the next day he invited me for lunch and we spent the rest of the day together just adventuring where we live.

I thought we were hanging out as friends but he went to hug me & then he sat me on his knee & then he kissed me & from then on, it was definitely not a friendly excursion.

He has left town for a few days, I messaged him saying 'you know you have confused me right?' & then we had fun & flirty convo until he went to work.

I know he enjoyed hanging out the other day.
I know he likes confident and fun.
I know i'm not the only girl he talks to & that makes me jealous, but I know I AM the only one he talks to on the phone for hours, the only one he hangs out with & the only one he kisses.
I know we have a connection.

Once upon a time he said that we take 1 step forward and 10000 steps back. I don't want that to happen this time and I think there is a chance.

Please help me to keep it moving forward & save what we have?


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  • It sounds like he's probably dated around, and not met women quite like you. That's good and bad. Some of them may be lacking qualities you have, but having some that you don't. Really, you're competing with all of them for his attention.

    It's tough, because you have to let things move slowly, but also tolerate him possibly seeing other women. If you're happy to do that, then keep talking to him, seeing him, and see where it goes. But if he realises he doesn't want that, then you will get hurt

    If I were you, I'd just tell him, "Look, I'm confused. I think we have something amazing here, and I'd love to give it another shot. I'm happy to take it slow and make changes, but I don't want you to see other women. If you don't want to try, then you need to let me go."

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