My bf invited me to accompany him at the wedding of his neighbour's daughter but?

the title says it all.. ones of the reason i don't wanna go is because of my bf's mom who will be present too... she is a complete bitch to me.. what do i do? accompany my bf or not?


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  • accompany him and if so if his mom do anything wrong to you, your bf will see it. if so he can warn his mom about her that kind of behaviours

    • he has already warned his mom a couple of times before

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    • ;) okay... will think about it

    • thank you :)

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  • go with him. if you like this guy and see a potential future with him, regardless whether his mother isn't kind to you, you are going to have to put up with her. attending the wedding isn't on the mother's behalf but because your bf wants you to be with him.

    the last thing i'll say is despite the fact that she is rude to her, kill her with kindness. show her that her crappy treatment of you won't deter you from having a relationship with her son. and keep in mind her behavior is her issue, not yours. don't take it personally because you can't control the actions of others you can only control how you respond

    • i think you're right dude

  • You accompany your BF. You're his date, not his mom's. There's enough going on at a wedding that you won't have much interaction.

    • what bothers me is that his mom and i will be together and i don't want it

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    • Grin and fucking bear it. Kill her with kindness. Compliment her on her dress. Be as pleasant as you possibly can be. Make sure your boyfriend understands (and you understand) that if she's truly being disrespectful that you expect him to defend you to her.

    • okay

  • tell your boyfriend your sick of his mum's crap and you really don't want to be around her, if he cares about you then he'll forgive you and you can always make it up to him :p


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  • I would go and be polite to his mother. There isn't much else you can do, if you're planning on staying with your boyfriend and want a life with him you need to be able to deal with his mother, so learning to do so now is best, my ex's mom hated me in the beginning of our relationship but after a year she realized that he had gotten better, stopped getting arrested for stupid stuff, had gotten a summer job one year, was going back to school to get his high school diploma ect. and she started relying on me to keep him out of trouble. She would send me invitations to family gatherings so that my boyfriend wouldn't leave me out of them. She even asked him what the Hell was wrong with him when we broke up. The best part is even though I'm still heartbroken about the breakup, he thinks doing every drug, drinking all the time and selling drugs is going to get him somewhere in life. I can't wait until I'm successful and I can visit this town and shove it in his face and basically tell him he missed out on the best part of his life... My point is let her get to know you, if you are good for him she will see it eventually.

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