My guy friend doesn't want to hang out.

I have a guy friend, we aren't best friends or anything, and I asked him to hang out and he doesn't seem interested. I'm just wondering if I should stop considering him as a friend because we talk and stuff sometimes, and its not going to be a date, because I have a bf, but I don't know if I should just give up talking to him anymore, I'm sick of asking him if he doesn't seem to be into it. Should I just ask him what his deal is. Thanks for any advice from a guys perspective.


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  • No, just forget about him. It's clear his head isn't screwed on straight... Unless he wants to respect your boyfriend and he doesn't want to feel like he's overstepping his boundaries. But other than that I wouldn't worry too much. If you aren't close or romantically involved it's not a big deal. You win some and lose some.

    • Yea I was wondering if its about my bf, even though he knows my boyfriend wouldn't care. Oh well, I was just thinking that since I'm not single if he thinks why bother, or if those are his priorities. thanks for the advice.

  • Don't ask him what's his deal just don't ask him to hang out anymore.

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