Girls, what is the best way to ask a girl out at work withour lookibg creepy or weird?

I am always in love of some one at work, it has always happen to me in every single job I had, and if I don't get in love I at least like more than one girl. But I had never been able to get a date from someone at work. I was wondering if there are ways to ask someone out that works with you without looking retarded. Any ideas?


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  • Hi Berta. Do you want to go out to dinner with me next week?

    • A week from now sounds like too much time, i was thinking at least same day, every time I leave a date for another day they usually cancel.

      Had this line worked before or r u just guessing?

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    • That was the funny part "Berta"

    • Well it kind of kills it because it means it will only work on the Berthas lol

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  • Don't date people with whom you work!! Unless you want to quit your job or it's just a short period you have the job. It makes things very complicated. I did it twice and it's really awkward and somehow it always has to end up all wrong!!

    • Lucky you, yo have that experience, even if i wanted i had never been able to manage doing it.

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  • I think it's dumb to date people from work... but this works "Hey (her name) I think you're really cool. I'd like to hang out with you outside of work. Would you like to go out next (fill in a day)"