Am I just being paranoid?

Cut a long story short I'm seeing a guy it's a long distance thing , he has lots of friends but I've noticed he's on n off whatsapp a lot and even tho he's busy with driving as he does for work why on it a lot? Like today he's at a works training he said he will call me after but I've noticed he's been off and on whatsapp all day? Am I being paranoid?

He said he can't text much while at the training course :/


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  • yeah you're being paranoid. who knows why exactly he is logging on and off but he could just be checking something really quick without the intention of contacting you. just because he has time to log onto an app doesn't mean he has to use that time for you. he will make time for you when he can and he feels he wants too.

    • If you're that busy you wouldn't be on whatsapp. You wouldn't be anywhere near your phone

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  • I've been in your shoes,
    And don't worry, we usually do this, just try to relax and let him try to get to you, he needs a challenge to and iff you keep checking his whatsapp out, you will freak him out.

    Just relax and all will be fine

  • I think you may have busted him to tell you the truth. The guys an idiot if he's been lying and been that stupid.. id confront him about it if I was you and ask him to be completely honest with you

    • people are different. some people prioritize the stupidest shit in life when things can not be more obvious

    • Yeah I get what you're saying. But if youve got enough time to check whatsapp youve got enough time to send a basic text. I think something is dodgy about this but im open to being proven wrong

  • Yeah but its human nature. simple test do you trust him? if the answer is no, whether he's earned your distrust or not its time for a talk with him about it. yes it will come across as crazy and probably start an argument but if you don't its going to eat away at you and cause much bigger problems later x


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