The real difference between pretty and hot?

What is the real difference between pretty and hot?
And are cute and hot the same?
You might say pretty is for the face and hot for the body, but so many people call girls hot just by looking at their face.


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  • if I call you:

    pretty: im looking at your face
    hot: im looking at your body
    cute: im talking about your mannerisms and personality

    they say hot in general cause it must just be natural for them.

    • this is a good assessment.

    • If I'm called hot most of the time, and pretty sometimes, what does that mean? That my face isn't as good as my body?

    • well you also gotta know what I said isn't like a universal guideline that everyone follows. and people are different so when they call you pretty maybe they wanted to say hot but didn't want to sound... how can I put this... i can't think of the word but somewhere along the lines of perverted or cocky or something like that and vice versa for hot. maybe they meant pretty but it came out as hot to them, or hot is just as good as pretty or they said hot just because of the moment and how they were feeling when giving the compliment? either way they're all compliments :)

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  • Being pretty means something rather physical, like your body is beautiful, gorgeous, whatever you want to call it, it has a nice form. Being hot on the other hand is attitude that meets beauty, it's really being attractive. Being cute is different, it's about really having a personality that's not necessarily attractive in the same way hotness has, but it's an appeal that is more aesthetic. Most guys who use the word hot might not even have a clue what it is, so ignore such suggestions.

  • Pretty means I find her face and clothes nice to look at. Basically it just means "she looks good." I don't even necessarily have to be sexually attracted to a girl to consider her "pretty."

    Hot means her face and/or body (accentuated by clothes) make me want to have sex with her.

  • Pretty Hot Cute and Sexy has different meanings
    If I find a girl pretty it is usually referring to her face. Cute can be applied to this too.
    I never use hot but my friends that do it usually refers to a girls body.
    I use sexy when a girl does a certain action like a sexy tease or the way they present them-self.

  • "hot" tends to be degrading, while pretty is complimentary. I say hot is degrading because it makes her sound like a piece of meat


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  • According to my boys:
    Pretty is the person as a whole, as in body and personality
    Hot is all about your body
    Cute is mannerism, except for people from Colorado because apparently they use cutie to describe a person as a whole