Meeting her family: Should I dress for my girlfriend, or her family?

Meeting my girlfriends family soon. Should I dress the way she asked me too, which she said her family should like, or dress a way I'm sure that her family will like. The only difference between the two is the style of necktie I wear. She wants a bow tie, I was thinking a regular tie.

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  • Wait, if she wants a bow tie and thinks her family will like it? I mean, what you want is for her to be proud of you when presenting you to her family and the bow tie would make her the proudest. You pleasing her should count as a + for her family too, no matter which tie they might have preferred.

    • Thanks for MH!
      In the end which tie did you go with? Hope everything went smoothly.

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  • Honestly, I don't think it really matters too much - you'd look smart either way. However, if pushed, I'd say dress for the family as you already have her, it's the family that you now have to persuade. :)

  • I think a regular tie.. easier to take you seriously


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