Why do I have to play counselor/matchmaker?

I'm 20 something, career-driven, ambitious and all that. I've had my share of people interested in me but always at a sexual level. And when they are interested in dating me seriously, I inadvertently friendzone these people or just push them away because I'm not interested. In short, I'm still a virgin.

The problem is that everyone always says how mature I am, and how much of a great person I am. And all my girl friends always ask for my relationship advice. And the men I like always friendzone me. They say how great I am (smart, fun, down-to-earth, beautiful, you name it), how I shouldn't settle for less and how comfortable they are with me.

Be honest. At this rate, when will I fucking lose my virginity? And why do I always end up being the amazing sidekick, and good listener and never the main lead in a relationship?


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  • 1) When you meet your Batman

    2) 'Cos you're too good for Robin.

    As great as those guys seemed to you they weren't your Match.

    • On another level: being closed to what's available and open to what's unavailable, is an effective way to avoid having to be vulnerable. Maybe you're not ready or just scared.

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    • I usually focus more on personality. Those that I 'reject' are those that I simply do not feel any sexual chemistry with. I just can't picture myself getting hot and heavy with them. Total mental block lol. By settling, I met forcing a click when it isn't there.

    • Yeah. It might not be you, just sucky guys in the viscinity. Then again, the most awesome have a harder time finding matches lol.

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  • The one that likes you, you friendzone.

    Then complaining about those you like, friendzone you.

    See a pattern here?

    • Yeah. But what does it mean? Over-reaching? That those who I like aren't attracted to me physically? I could've guessed that.

    • Over-reaching or looking for the wrong values in men, or for the wrong type of men.

  • Maybe be less picky. You might not like a guy at first but if you get to know him more you may find something attractive in him.

  • Maybe you believe in waiting?


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