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So there is this guy I like and I have his number and in the beginning we did you to talk a little but I texted him more, mainly because I'm shy. I chilled with him in person 3 times, and the last time I was shy STILL lol so I wasn't really full in conversation and was quite. I know it was fine the first time but the 3rd? I can't help because I really like him so after that I called him twice and he gave me excuses like ill call you back after whatever reason. And I thin k he just doesn't wanna talk to me but I wasn't real with him, I was to quite. I know I have to hang out with him in person to solve this but what can I do to get him interested? And when you are just getting to know a person what do you talk about ?


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  • I think that if he likes you back, he'll understand that you're shy, and accept it. The more you get used to him, the less shy you will become. It's almost like what I liked to call an 'Emotional Handicap' because it can prevent us from doing things or being with people we like. Try becoming less shy by practicing with a family member or friend. Whatever suits you best. Good luck~


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