Will someone help me!!!?

This girl and I talked/dated for a month. Til she broke it off with me out of no where saying she needs her space and time to work on herself cause she was just getting out of a rough 4 1/2 year relationship. So I left her alone and respected that. We talked a fee times just checking up on one another. 3 weeks ago she text me out of no where telling me how she's missed me and how much she's thought about me. So i threw the idea out there if she'd like to start hanging out and doing stuff together again and she said she'd love that. So we made plans to do something that weekend. 3 days later, she text me saying she couldn't go that she had to be honest the she'd been talking to her ex on and off again. That really upset me. She said she was so sorry that she just doesn't know what she wants and is just confused. She said she didn't want me. to feel like I needed to wait around on her cause that wouldn't be fair to me. So i was just like ok and told her if she ever needed anything or wanted to talk or anything she could always contact me. After that I figured I'd never hear from her again. But, almost a week ago, she text me saying she walked in her house and her family was watching the movie i took her to see on our first date and it made her think of me. Amd that she saw a shooting star and it made her think of me as well and told me how that night was the best night ever and that she will never forget that night. Is she still interested in me? I really hope so cause she is all I think about all the time. And I seriously believe she's the one. Does it sound like she's interested in me? Should I go for it? Or what should I do?


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  • She's interested in you, but she doesn't strike me as someone who's stable, so don't invest all of your emotions in one basket.


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  • She just gave you an opening, and you need to take that. Text her back and start small, like getting coffee or something don't jump into things. And don't make it sound like you were waiting for that text.


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