Guys what is the craziest thing a girl has done?

A guy friend of mine told me that he is going to give up on dating because women are crazy. We've all heard this a thousand times and I'll admit, I've acted a bit psycho in the past. Guys, give me some examples of "crazy" women...


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  • I met this girl. Gave her my number. She called me 1 hour later. We talked for about 2 hours. She added me on Facebook about 20 minutes after that. Started posting status updates about being in love. Love is everlasting. And she took my photos off my Facebook and photo shopped us together is a collage with hearts all over it... True story. Do I win? Lmao

    • this is a great example

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    • Don't brag. I'm starting to like crazy. It makes life a lot more interesting. When you are terrified and excited to check the mail at the same time. Oh yeah... Adrenaline rush! Lol

    • wait until you get to be OUR age. It eventually will get old lol.

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  • Im not a guy and I dont think I've ever acted "crazy" but in my opinion crazy mean like charlie stated, just not being able to let things evolve naturally over time, saying I love you within the first week, or date, calling all the time, checking up on you all the time, always wondering where you are, always being insecure and asking who you are with, not letting you spend time by yourself, the list goes on...

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