I find dating to be a real chore. What's wrong with me? I like the companionship of girls.

So inb4 you should be gay...

Anyway, I find dating to be more BS than it's worth. Most girls don't seem to get it. I hate dancing, because of a motorcycle crash I was in many years ago. It hurts to move around a lot. I hate it when a girl wears too much make up. It smells bad too. I don't want to meet her parents. I lost my last family member 10 years ago and I do not wish to talk to her family. I spend most of my time alone anyway because I run 31 websites that pay the bills. Women just seem to do all the thing socially that annoy me. Most of them play dumb in the bed the first time you have sex. They do the wrong stuff and you have to show them. Then when it comes time to do stuff to them they are a pro at explaining what they want you to do. The more you hang out with a girl the less attractive she gets. They do things sometimes just to p*ss you off. After you've worked 14 hours straight and don't want to do anything but sleep they get upset when you won't go out with them to do stuff. Reading a book is impossible. If they aren't trying to talk to you are someone on the phone, they just start singing out of nowhere. It's almost like women don't really read books, they just sit there with one and hope people see them doing it. Their communication skills are very poor. If you say something like, "Well Dan at work got laid off today. I hope he doesn't have trouble finding a new job because you know he has kids." Then the very next thing that comes out of her mouth is "Who lost their job?" I've noticed that if you use a pronoun, women have trouble following what you are saying. You can't say him or they, you can only refer to who you are talking about by that person's name every single time.

Women just really annoy me, men and women are too different. The older I get the less I want a family and to be with a woman.

Does this make me weird?


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  • You don't seem like much of a pleasure to be around to me either. A decent woman isn't going to throw herself at a man who sees women the way you do, so who does that leave you with? The women you just described.

    Having such a negative view of women is only hurting you in the scheme of things. That's what makes people close themselves off, which prevents them from meeting someone who's worth their time. Try being more open-minded instead of typecasting an entire gender.


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  • i think when you meet the right women she will "get you" and you won't have this view of women. You just keep meeting the wrong women, and if you don't date how are you going to find the one? just keep dating and try have fun, may b one day you will meet a women that won't annoy you? lol


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  • Wow... honestly that sounds very self-absorbed. You have a right to feel however you want, but I certainly don't see dating to be a chore. If I'm dating someone, I look forward to the time I'm going to spend with them. It's all about mutual interest. If that doesn't exist then you need to meet someone new.

  • I know I'm not going to convince you, but there are some totally sweet ladies out there for whom none of that stuff you mentioned applies. You don't have to date if you don't feel like it, just keep your chin up and spend your time doing stuff you enjoy. We men only get around 60 - 70 years on this earth, of which only around 35 are any fun, so don't waste your time being miserable.