Should I ask her about this? Says she uses online dating profile for friends?

I've been talking to this girl and stumbled across her PoF profile.

She told me she honestly uses it for just friends because she's going through a rough time right now and needs people to talk to. She's never lied to me once, so i have no reason to mistrust her

2 weeks later i noticed she disabled it, i asked her about it and she said "i dont really wanna date anyone right now"

Wtf? but she said just friends? should i ask her about this?

i remember doing something similar in the past, i asked her "Why a DATING site for friends?" and she replied "are you trying to make me look like a cheating scumbag?"

im confused

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i want to mention me and this girl are JUST friends by the way
ok so actually... me and are are JUST friends. BUTTTTTTTTT me and her back then (recently but we ended things) were "Dating without the title" and thats why this whole question bugs me. im not sure if she lied to me or not


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  • Well if you two are JUST friends then it's impossible for her to be a cheater. Maybe she felt embarrassed about using an online dating site and then later on felt more comfortable about it so she openly admitted Tobias for dating but had forgotten she had said to you it was just for friends. I would just ask. I mean it's not a big a deal. And you say that she's never lied to you But that can't be proven. Just because you've never caught a person in a lie doesn't mean they've never told one.

    • Updated, my bad for not letting you know me and her had a thing going on at the time she kept it up (and told me she uses it for friends)

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    • Just ask why she lied to you then. And if she denies it then there isn't anything you can do about it. But she will know it isn't a good idea to tell petty lies to you.

    • Because it isn't a big deal. What is a big deal is feeling lied to by a friend. And just tell her that. That you feel lied to.

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